A Slow Meat update: better, less

The Slow Meat conference in Denver this June was one heckuva meat meet. All puns aside, mainstream meat production in this country encourages some of the worst practices in livestock management–and moving the dial toward the better would amount to enormous systemic change in an industry fueled by demands of fast and cheap.

So how can we as consumers use our purchasing power to buy good, clean, and fair meat? How do we know how to read labels, source good food, and restructure our plates? Read …

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Slow Meat: down on the farm with Farm 45, LLC

It’s like camping without a tent.. I want them (the sheep) to be as happy and healthy as they can get. –Terry Groth, Farm 45, LLC

A few weekends ago, we enjoyed an afternoon at Farm 45 LLC in Jackson for an event called “BBQ on the Banks”. Owner Terry Groth, together with representatives from Town and Country RC&D and the River Alliance of Wisconsin, accompanied guests on a walking tour to discuss the livestock management techniques he uses to steward his land, its soil and …

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