Growing Power $7 Benefit Show

What can you do for $7 on a Friday night? How do three of your favorite Milwaukee bands performing live at the Cactus Club in Bay View sound? Mark your calendar: July 3rd, 8 p.m.

Local bands perform live at the Cactus Club on July 3rd to support Growing Power.

It’s a trio of psychedelic rock, folk and alternative country as The Fatty Acids, Ladders, and Heavy Leaves take the stage in the best kind of benefit show, the kind where you get to kick back …

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Community Cooks Learn Korean Cuisine

Personal Chef Karen Gill shares her experiences in Asia and offers samples of soju to the Community Cooks group.

“Who here has tried soju?” asks Chef Karen Gill, as she pours a round of shots for the thirteen cooking students (all over 21) in her living room. “It’s about 20% ABV, made from rice.” In Korea, it’s not uncommon to walk the streets sipping on a bottle, she explains. But we stop after a modest taste and move into the kitchen, where we’re introduced to …

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