Obesity in Milwaukee

The numbers aren’t great, with 37.2 percent of Milwaukee residents considered obese in 2014. That’s up 8 percent from 2011, according to research from the Public Policy Forum, spearheaded by Chris Spahr, the Forum’s 2015-2016 Norman N. Gill Civic Engagement Fellow.

On Friday, July 15, 2016, the Milwaukee Center for Independence hosted the Forward Forum to bring an inspiring mix of organizations together to react to Spahr’s research. Participants had the opportunity to discuss existing roadblocks as well as solutions to address obesity—specifically childhood obesity. Among …

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Farmers’ Markets for All!

Do you believe everyone has a right to fresh, local food? Registered Dietitian Jennifer Casey does. As the Upper Midwest Regional Governor for Slow Food and Communications Director at Fondy Food Center, Casey is working to increase accessibility to farmers’ markets across Milwaukee’s diverse communities.

As a result, Fondy Food Center recently announced a new partnership with the Milwaukee County Winter Farmer’s Market (MCWFM) that will help Fondy continue to provide equal access to fresh food.

“At first, long time shoppers and fans of the MCWFM won’t …

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Last Call for Ground Cherries!

There’s a little window that stretches from late September to mid-October that offers the best time for farmers’ market goers. It’s when summer meets fall. Signs for just-picked tomatoes perched next to new varieties of acorn squash; sweet bell peppers mingling with sugar pie pumpkins; honeycrisp apples by the bag are sold next to Brussels sprouts by the stalk. It’s last call for summer, first call for fall.

But as the leaves begin to turn from green to gold along our crisp Packer countryside, let’s not forget about …

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Farm to Fork

Farm to Fork

What’s in Season in Wisconsin?

Communities around the state are bustling at local farmers’ markets. Within the last week, I visited two of them, one in Sheboygan and the other in Madison, Wisconsin. The fruits and vegetables at Farmers’ Markets can sometimes be overwhelming, and it can be a challenge to think of no-fuss ways of getting that fresh market food onto the table. This article features what’s available and shares a few ideas for meal planning.

Berries and Rhubarb: The Pies Have It

Rain hit the earth …

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