MKE Apple News

MKE Apple News

Grow it to save it!

Preserve this endangered fruit by adopting your own Milwaukee Apple tree!  Click here for details.

For Current MKE Apple Tree Growers:

Did you adopt a bench grafted tree last year?  If so—it’s time to get pruning! Some orchardists prune year round (if you have hundreds of trees  it’s a year round job!) but our experts tell us that we are approaching the best time of year to prune: during the dormant season when the weather is mild (above freezing.)  Here are some resources to help you establish a central leader and keep your tree strong.

How to Prune Apple Trees

Growing Apples in Wisconsin

Volunteer opportunities! Would you like to tend to MKE apple trees planted in community lcations?  Would you like to help create a digital map of all known MKE Apple trees in the region?  Contact

Jennifer Casey
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Jennifer Casey Corbett is a registered dietitian and professional cook. In her work as the Gerald L Ignace Indian Health Center’s Diabetes Program Coordinator, she works with Milwaukee’s urban American Indian community on health promotion and disease prevention initiatives. She is a local and national advocate for biodiversity, cultural and regional foodways, and sustainable eating. With Slow Food WiSE and partners, she leads the Milwaukee Apple Project—a project dedicated to saving rare, heritage apple varietals unique to Wisconsin.

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