Current Projects

Regional Foods

Slow Food WiSE seeks to celebrate, preserve, and promote our culturally and biologically diverse food traditions so that there is access to good, clean, and fair food for all in our community.

We work towards this in many ways:

Milwaukee Heritage Apple Project

Endangered Vegetable Project

Heritage Turkey Project

Slow Food chapters and members are working to address the rapidly decreasing diversity of foods in their communities. Some focus on consumer interest in bringing back rare foods and food traditions. Some encourage people in their region to support local farmers. Others hold taste education events or film screenings to raise awareness of the importance of biodiversity in food and farming. –Slow Food USA

School Garden Project

watering seedlings


The Slow Food WISE Learning Garden at Maryland Avenue Montessori, an MPS school on Milwaukee’s East Side, was planted in May 2012 by the students along with the help of parents and Slow Food volunteers.





Community Cooks: Where Sustainability Meets Pleasure

Community Cooks is a skill-share program around all things food, putting the home at the center of a move towards a more environmentally stable, pleasurable and meaningful life. We’ll share old-fashioned homesteading skills and perhaps a meal as we come together to build community. Learn to make sausage, bread, wine or cheese, learn to can or ferment foods, make environmentally safe cleaning and skincare products, even move outdoors to learn to grow food, smoke meats or build outdoor ovens. The possibilities are endless.

If you have a skill you’d like to share, or if you have a home kitchen that’s just waiting to be shared with a group, let us know! You don’t need both. We will help coordinate. Contact us –

Projects We Support 

Slow Food Wise is proud to support local organizations that are working to provide good, clean and fair food.

Farm Fresh Atlas

Local Farmer Open House

Eat Local Challenge

National Projects


The Slow Food USA network works together on campaigns to create change locally and to push for national changes to the policies and practices that shape our food system. Learn More.

Terra Madre

Terra Madre is a growing international network of more than 7,000 food producers, cooks, educators and youth from 150 countries, including over 1,000 delegates from the U.S. united by a common goal of global sustainability in food. Learn More.


Children and Food

Slow Food in School’s “Garden to Table” projects range from after-school cooking classes to farm tours to schoolyard gardens. We currently have more than 30 gardens-to-table projects around the country. “Slow Food on Campus” is a network of Campus-Chapters run by college and university students across the country and is the working arm of Slow Food USA in the college community addressing food system and food justice issues.

The Ark of Taste and Presidia

The Slow Food Ark of Taste and Presidia programs identify high quality traditional foods in danger of extinction and promote them in the marketplace. Through partnerships with farmers, fishers, breeders, and artisans, these projects also offer promotional and technical assistance to guarantee their survival.