Heritage Turkey Project

The mission of the Slow Food WiSE Heritage Turkey Project is to promote the restoration of heritage breed turkeys within our region by pairing farmers with eaters.  The first step we have taken is compiling a list of farmers raising heritage breeds.  As opposed to the Broad Breasted White turkey that dominates our industrial food system and tables, heritage breeds such as the Narragansett, Bourbon Red, and Blue Slate have varying foraging, tending and eating characteristics.

The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy defines true heritage turkeys with the following criteria: 1) Naturally mating; 2) Long productive outdoor lifespan; 3) Slow growth rate.

Each Year, Slow Food WiSE compiles a list of local farms offering heritage turkeys for Thanksgiving–please let us know if you, or someone you know is raising heritage breeds!

As these turkeys tend to be highly enjoyed around Thanksgiving tables, they tend to sell out rather quickly.  Please contact the farms directly for ordering and pricing information.

2013 Heritage Turkey Producer List

Farmer Nick’s LLC:American Bronze, Black Spanish, Narragansets, and Bourbon Reds
Must reserve first via email or phone 815-451-5084
$3.50/lb; Pick up Nov 23th at Grayslake Farmers Market, 10-2
Nick Janovski
W4766 State Line Rd
Walworth, WI, 53184
JenEhr Family Farm: American Bronze
To order, fill out form online.
Kay & Paul Jensen
6837 Elder Lane
Sun Prairie, WI 53590
(608) 825-9531


Ruegsegger Farms: Broad Breasted Bronze
Order at:www.naturalmeats.org /ORDER/TURKEY (All Fresh Turkeys require paid deposit)
Pick up locations: Paoli (Greater Madison Area), Lake Mills, Waukesha, Wauwatosa, Milwaukee, St Francis
Ken Ruegsegger
6895 Paoli Road
Belleville, WI 53508


Wandering Peacock Farm: Bourbon Red and Midget White
Call or email to reserve. They are free range and supplemented with local, organic grain mix.  Price is $7 a pound (processed weight). Orders picked up from farm only. Fresh on processing day (after 4pm), frozen after processing day.

Josh & Mandy Whitlock
N2637 Maiden Lane Road
Reeseville, WI 53579
(920) 626-6365