School Garden Project

The Slow Food WISE Learning Garden at Maryland Avenue Montessori, an MPS school on Milwaukee’s East Side, was planted the last week of May by the students along with the help of parents and Slow Food volunteers.

The raised gardens, which were built in 2011, stand on asphalt adding some much appreciated green space to the school grounds. The gardens, which use principles from “square-foot gardening,” give the kids an opportunity to connect with nature but also to apply skills in measurement and planning.

The goal for the 3rd and 6th grade classrooms is to plant edible crops that can be harvested in the fall when the kids return to school. The teachers plan on cooking these veggies together in the classroom. Slow Food member Geli Golopol helped these students plant their raised beds with two types of potatoes, broccoli, carrots and Hubbard squash.  Geli was motivated to participate in the project citing that she missed gardening with kids now that her own children and grown.

A garden takes a lot of tending, and there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer.  Contact Lisa Kingery here if you would like to help the students in the fall, or would like to contribute your time, energy or talent in anyway to the project.