Veggie Garden Planning 101

Learn how to plan a vegetable garden to provide you with healthy, fresh produce all season long. We’ll explore many factors that go into a productive garden including garden location, soil health, veggie variety, how much to plant, when to plant and much, much more. This is a great class for beginning vegetable gardeners and a refresher for veterans alike. Extensive handouts will be provided.

$15 recommended class fee.

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“Eating with the Seasons” Cooking Class – Tomatoes, Eggplant, Basil

At NuGenesis, we offer an “Eating with the Seasons” series of cooking classes, to teach people how to select, cook and enjoy the flavors of produce in peak season! In each monthly class, three different veggies or herbs are selected based what is being harvested from gardens and offered in farmers markets or CSA boxes that month. Through cooking demonstrations and a walk in the NuGenesis gardens, our registered dietitians teach attendees a variety of ways to prepare each veggie, as well as how to …

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