Taking Care of Your Heritage Apple Trees: The Cold Season

Taking Care of Your Heritage Apple Trees: The Cold Season

For those of you who took home heritage trees this spring, you may be wondering if there’s anything special to do now that winter is approaching.  Here are some tips for the novices out there:

Consider compost–adding a little compost around the trees is a good idea. If you don’t have your own, we can recommend Purple Cow Organic.

Protect--your trees need protection from nibbling mice, voles, and even hungry cats.  If you still have the hardware cloth the trees came with, keep it on. If not, you can purchase some at any hardware store to protect your little trees from damage.

Slow watering–as they grow dormant, water less frequently until its once a month (if no rain/snow falls.)

Wait on pruning–don’t prune until February! If you did any summer pruning, that should be fine by now, but they won’t have time to heal if pruned at this time.

(Let us know if you have any additional tips or resources on tree care as we build up this section on our website: jcasey@slowfoodwise.org.)
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Jennifer Casey
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Jennifer Casey Corbett is a registered dietitian and professional cook. In her work as the Gerald L Ignace Indian Health Center’s Diabetes Program Coordinator, she works with Milwaukee’s urban American Indian community on health promotion and disease prevention initiatives. She is a local and national advocate for biodiversity, cultural and regional foodways, and sustainable eating. With Slow Food WiSE and partners, she leads the Milwaukee Apple Project—a project dedicated to saving rare, heritage apple varietals unique to Wisconsin.

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